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Zenit Dizayn was founded in 2002, and the company's activities include aluminum curtain wall covering systems, especially Glass Balconies and Sun Roof Systems, Giorin Glass Systems, Winter Garden Systems, Plastic and Aluminum Joinery Systems, Folding Door systems, Office Partition systems, Shutter Systems, Interior Design and Decoration works. With successful projects we established in a short time, increasing business volume brought growth and institutionalization.

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Our Services

Glass Balcony Systems

Balconies have become the pleasure of the house. As a result, users and those who do this work are struggling with competition. We are signing for elegance and ourselves with the works we do. Choose us for your glass balconies. Let us help you with precise solutions.

Glass balconies which are the most preferred balcony systems of recent years are produced to suit user's request and provide the highest level of satisfaction. From now on, closed, independent balconies have come to an end. Many types of balconies, such as sliding, folding, with panels, have become integrated part of houses. There is no better choice than us to design your areas according to your wishes.

It is an ideal product for those who want sunshine in summer and protect from cold in winter. Thanks to these materials, your enjoyment of your eyes will never be impaired. You will experience the comfort of four seasons of coffee on your balcony. Neither the weather conditions nor the external factors prevent your enjoyment of your balcony. These systems are for you, which will impress users with their rich content. Let us create your clean, safe, sheltered, aesthetic areas together. 


Make your balcony more functional and provide a decorative beauty. Thanks to the compatibility to zoning legislations, you can use these systems in all areas. Let us renew your living spaces, and reflect your difference.

We can create closed, open, spacious and comfortable areas wherever you want. We are assertive in our clean, easy, different and custom designed systems.

We are here to give our users the perfect happiness after flawless production, flawless measurement and flawless installation. We care about your dreams, your budget, your style, and we do the best for you.

Sunroof Systems

Unfortunately, we can not use our terraces, which are considered to be one of the most exclusive areas of the house, as we wish.

Due to the wind and cold in winter and the burning effect in summer, the solution to this problem was to close the terraces and include them in their living spaces. Thus, you can use the partially used spaces more actively and add new living spaces to your home. You will enjoy your terraces without being affected by any bad weather conditions.

Terrace coating systems where you can spend both winter and summer comfortably received 5-stars.


You used to remember that terraces of the house were for washing carpets in summer. In winter, we could never open the door because of snow. It was a place where we had limited time. It was the unnecessary space of the house. People didn't know how to use their terraces, it was a total misery. How hard was it to clean the wash? The whole day would have gone.

 Wouldn't you like to sleep by watching the stars? Systems that do not cause you to be frosted to observe the stars outside or to be late at home are very trendy in recent years. Cleaning is now easy; not to be used, or not to be loved. You will spend time with your loved ones in your terraces and enjoy your most romantic moments under the stars with your tea and coffee. This system offers you a visual feast.

PVC Joinery Systems

We strive for your long-lasting PVC joinery products that comply with standard requirements, prevent the structure from changing shape, have the most effective insulation, quality certificates, corrosion-resistant, and one-to-exact dimensions.We are the pioneer in the development of PVC, the most preferred material at low cost, with eye-catching, affordable design that does not require maintenance.

Aluminum Joinery Systems

Aluminum provides both a stylish image and energy saving. Our use is also widespread, and our company is at the forefront. Heating, and economic use of heat has become important in the use of decreasing world energy sources.

The heat dissipation of the buildings is reduced by using heat-insulated aluminum joints. In addition, because internal surfaces of the heat-insulated joinery is not become cool thanks to heat insulation, there is no condensation of water inside, meaning there is no sweating.


Even in fixed windows, the air leaking through the glass and frame is unnegligible. Also this leak increases as the building rises. The fact that the conditions are very varied requires the examination of many details in the insulation technique to be applied in the joinery. Although thermal insulation values of wood, plastics and insulated aluminium are very different, the limitless styling and design of aluminium provides economical solution of very complex insulating details. Let us offer you the best for your homes, your places.

Aluminium Facade Coating Systems

Zenit Dizayn, is an extremely modern and secure solution that opens the horizon for new application opportunities in construction sector thanks to the freedom of application brought to all construction and design concepts. We cover everywhere with aesthetic, smooth, completely insulated and reliable facades. We are moving to higher rankings in facade coating industry every day.

Structural Silicone Facade Systems 

Covered Facade Systems 

Panel Facade Systems 

Skylight Light Systems

Composite Panel Systems

Compact Laminant Systems

Terra Cotta Facade Systems

Interior Architectural Design

Deliver your works to trusted hands to beautify your living spaces. Let us organize the changes you intend to make indoors and outdoors in all your areas, such as home, office, restaurant.  We make all kinds of interior and exterior decoration work meticulously and make you perfect, stylish places. We produce solutions for all kinds of outdoor works such as heat, soundproofing and thermal insulation. With modern, authentic products and quality workmanship, we make your buildings look brand new. Your buildings in which quality and aesthetic integrity, cost planning, customer benefits are planned will be spoken a lot.


With our experienced design team and interior architects, we make your dreams true. Our team specializing in interior design, project, design and application, presents you with exceptional, modern, rational and realistic designs and excellent quality and reliability of interior architecture. We're moving ahead with the goal of reaching excellence. Let us evaluate your needs and wishes together and choose the most special design for you.

Winter Garden

Winter gardens made of quality glass materials are an ideal choice for those who do not want to give up garden environment in winter months. Almost everyone has a place at home to sit on their balcony, in their garden. The places where you can enjoy your tea with your cup of coffee in different hours of the day ... Recently, it has become a trend to create Winter Garden spaces. 

These systems create a beautiful corridor between the garden and the interior so you can have pleasant time. You will see the benefits of these winter gardens for having pleasant times with your family. This increasingly widespread system is functional and aesthetic. 

We realize special areas for you to live in every season.

According to your request, the shape of a rectangular or triangular winter garden systems can be produced as you want. It is a choice that many people prefer with its practical use and easy to clean structure. You can also save a lot of energy thanks to the system's insulation systems.

Since the used windows have a foldable structure in the summer, you can enjoy the comfort of your winter gardens during all four seasons. These systems, which are produced from glass and steel materials, also have special lock systems, so their use is very reliable. Technical specifications of the winter garden system vary according to the manufacturer. Many companies are involved in the production and installation of winter gardens, and the biggest problem is the insulation problem. Winter garden is a particularly comfortable place for winter months.

Winter gardens made of quality glass materials are an ideal choice for those who do not want to give up garden environment in winter months. According to your request, the shape of a rectangular or triangular winter garden systems can be produced as you want. It is a choice that many people prefer with its practical use and easy to clean structure. You can have a pleasant time with your loved ones and your family while creating garden spaces with winter garden systems, you will also be able to save a great energy thanks to the system of insulation.

Decorative Stone and Brick Products


Surfaces and textures of stones are one of the most prominent features that make them superior to similar products. Each stone is processed by special methods in the form of unique surfaces that do not repeat each other with superior engineering technologies and gives a 100% natural look to the surfaces it occupies.



You can create different special effects for your space by filling gaps between  stones with thickness and color you want.



Cultural stones and bricks produce special solutions for all corners. Cornerstone of each model is produced in its own texture and color and the visual feast is further enriched. Use of the cornerstone gives a more realistic image, creating the impression that the stone covering the surface is not in thin layers, but in blocks.



We also produce detail elements you need in your project. These complementary products in travertine and marble texture are the biggest helpers for flawless designs.



You can create unique designs by creating different blends from the cultural stones in many models and colors that offer you an alternative.




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